Vassar Temple’s Torah Visits First Congregational United Church of Christ

On Wed. evening, 2/25/16, Rabbi Berkowitz and Vassar Temple took our Torah on a road trip for our “Torah-to-Go” program to the First Congregational United Church of Christ (on Mill St). We teamed up with their congregation at their FCUCC’s Lenten Soup Supper in order to provide their congregation a special chance to see a Torah scroll up close and personal. Their congregation made us feel right at home by making and serving matzoh ball soup and challah! How thoughtful, and yummy!
Andi & Paul Ciminello of Vassar Temple said, “We were so very proud to assist Rabbi Berkowitz with the Torah-to-Go program. Leah gave a basic introduction for Reverend Heather and her enthusiastic parishioners, most of whom had never even seen a Torah. The presentation was excellent and the group got to see first-hand a Torah scroll, as Rabbi Berkowitz took us on a journey through the five books.
The Torah-to-Go program serves a multiple important purposes. To begin with, we are caring for our scrolls. By unrolling and rolling the scrolls we are helping to keep the parchment/skins which the Torah is written on soft and pliable so they don’t crack and are less likely to tear. For another, we are building relationship with other faiths and faithful people in our community. Our clergy and our congregations can benefit it ways that we can’t even calculate. Last but not least, everyone learns and has a fun time! So please join Rabbi and friends at our next Torah-to-Go event, which will be promoted in our bulletin, email announcements and on Facebook.

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