By Jennifer Sachs Dahnert

Few people stop to think “Where would we be without the Vassar Temple Sisterhood?” That is why the Vassar Temple Board voted unanimously at their early January meeting to adopt a citation recognizing the Vassar Temple Sisterhood. The citation acknowledged the Sisterhood’s “continuous generosity and tireless good will through its numerous projects to support Temple operations and initiatives.”

So where do we see the impact of their generosity and tireless good will? Everywhere! The Onegs every Friday are a result of Sisterhood work; scholarships for teens to attend the NFTY conclaves, the Youth Scholarship Fund, the renovated kitchen and upgraded restrooms have all been funded with Sisterhood resources; the ever-popular calendar that keeps us all on track with simchas and anniversaries is a Sisterhood project; the Rummage Sale, Tiny Temple and the thousands of Hammentaschen produced on that special Sunday in the spring are financed and run by the Sisterhood; and very often, the Bimah flowers are a Sisterhood donation. . . .the list goes on. . . . Yes, the Board’s citation was well-deserved!

These projects are made possible by proceeds from Sisterhood dues and benefit events throughout the year including the annual Opening, Donor and Closing Dinners, and the Rummage Sales, but also, to a large degree, by voluntary donations to the Vassar Temple Sisterhood General Fund. The next time you want to honor a special occasion or do something meaningful to recognize one of our beloved Temple Sisters, a gift to the VTS General Fund would be the perfect gesture; it is truly a gift that keeps giving!
Sisterhood Citation

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