Vassar Temple Organist Plays the Eiffel Tower

Vassar Temple’s congregants and guests have the pleasure of hearing our talented pianist, organist, percussionist, and composer, Joseph Bertolozzi during Friday evening Shabbat services, holidays, and other occasions.

Joseph’s career as a musician has taken him in many directions, and some of you may be familiar with his work, “Bridge Music,” where Joseph created a sound library and then composed a collection of songs using the Mid-Hudson Bridge as his instrument. Joseph built on this imaginative approach to creating music from physical structures, this time with the Eiffel Tower in Paris France as his instrument.

Joseph Bertolozzi has posted the first Official video of his upcoming album “Tower Music / Musique de la Tour” on YouTube.

YouTube Link

Facebook Link

Who knew the Eiffel Tower sounded like this except our Joe? Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ from BOTH sites as much as you can!

Tower Music

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