Where has the Summer gone?

How lovely are your tents, O Jacob,
your encampments, O Israel!

Numbers 24

Hello Everyone!

The summer offers a special opportunity for our temple. When school is out, things are quiet and there is less going on at the temple. It is a perfect time for “sharpening the saw.” And, so many of us did!

Rabbi used what summer she had since July very productively! With the help of “Transition,” many connections were made. The reception Rabbi is getting with Torah study is fantastic. Ritual was very busy, rethinking ways to make the spiritual life at Vassar Temple more meaningful. The music committee was also very active – and our new “sound” and melodies are going to be a delight! Sherrie and the office did a lot of things with data, budget entry, and more. Together with the Finance Committee, the serious business of the temple is being thoughtfully attended too at the start of the new fiscal year. Sherrie also took it upon herself to put an amazing amount of extra effort into organizing our classrooms. (Above & beyond the call of duty.) Shaari Roland jumped right into her new role as chair of the RS committee – helping to make decisions with the lower level classrooms and organizing a special “first day of school” program, to which the Men’s Club traditional Sukkah raising and Sisterhood activities on the same day are a perfect compliment! The House Committee finished important large projects and researched and obtained bids for other needed work to make our “tent” more beautiful and functional. Lay leaders and volunteers produced wonderful services throughout the summer. Publicity/Marketing was effective at promoting greater awareness in social media and creating a new email distribution system. They even redid the Service handout. Improvements to our hallway bulletin boards, another communication medium, are coming right up! We organized a presence at Jewish Heritage Day at Dutchess Stadium thanks to our Youth Group advisory team, the Teich’s. Need I say that Marian Schwartz and Social Action have been hard at work too? (I think you know that!) Michele Sinn, our new Library Chair (I like to say Librarian) has been formulating her plans for making the Reifler Libary a more integrated part of temple life as she has her work cut out for her in just straightening it out. (I have faith in Michele!) We have a new Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide thanks in large part to Michele which is going to be a great resource for Rabbi Berkowitz to use with this year’s large group of b’nai mitzvah! There is more I could list, so please don’t anyone feel overlooked!!!

Yes, a lot has been accomplished. The Summer WAS a great opportunity – but now we are “back-to-school.” Time for the children to learn and see the ways our religious education programs have improved.

The start of the school year, and the start of the Jewish New Year, is not a time to let up! There is much we can do to make the coming year a sweeter and better year. Just keep saying HENENI and let’s show the community that Vassar Temple is where they belong!!

Shana Tova!

Bob Ritter
Vassar Temple

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