June 2105 Board Citation for Lisa-Sue & Kurt Quackenbush

Lisa-Sue proclamation

Congregation Brethren of Israel
Citation in Appreciation of Lisa-Sue and Kurt Quackenbush

WHEREAS Lisa-Sue and Kurt Quackenbush have made significant contributions to the spiritual, social, organizational, and financial health of the congregation, and
WHEREAS Lisa-Sue has demonstrated exceptional commitment to Sisterhood, proudly fulfilling both leadership and supporting roles, and
WHEREAS Kurt has exhibited extraordinary dedication to Men’s Club, taking a lead role in major events and proving himself equally at home wielding tools or kitchen utensils, and
WHEREAS Lisa-Sue has provided unremitting support for major fundraising events, including silent auctions and rummage sales, and continuously graced the congregation with her good humor and legendary baked goods, and
WHEREAS Kurt has been a talented and beloved ringleader of the Vassar Temple Purim Players, gracing our stage for numerous seasons, and
WHEREAS the Quackenbush family sets an example of Godliness by sustaining the Vassar Temple community in a multitude of loving and admirable ways; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Officers and Board of Trustees of Vassar Temple, on behalf of the entire congregation, thank Lisa-Sue and Kurt Quackenbush and their family most sincerely for their devoted service and betterment of the temple community, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be attached to the Board minutes and a copy of it presented to Lisa-Sue and Kurt Quackenbush.

By action of the Board of Trustees of Vassar Temple June 10, 2015 ~ 23 Sivan, 5775
Citation – Quackenbush June 2015

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