Rabbi Berkowitz is Coming to Town!

Rabbi Berkowitz doesn’t start as our new Rabbi until July, however she is fast at work making plans to come to Poughkeepsie and beginning to get to better know about Vassar Temple and all of us.

This past week Rabbi came to town to find a place to live. Mission accomplished! She’s happy to have found a great community to make her new home, with a great landlord to boot.

We would like to thank four dedicated Temple families for helping to make Rabbi Berkowitz’s visit a success in other ways! Harry and Sandra Mamis, for their hospitality in putting up Leah while she was here. Thank you to David and Susan Hecht, Melissa and Brianna Erlebacher and Kate, Mark and Anna Metzger for hosting dinners at their homes so that Rabbi could get to know Vassar Temple Officers, the Youth Group, and eleven Bar/Bat Mitzvah childen and their parents.

In addition, Rabbi Golomb gave his successor a tour of his Temple book collection, allowing Rabbi Berkowitz to select books from his office at the temple which she’d like to keep with the temple. They had another opportunity to talk about what it is like to be OUR Rabbi. Were your ears ringing??

Heaven knows we have some sprucing up to do once Rabbi Golomb turns over his office. OY – another Men’s Club project. LOL.

Perla Kaufman welcomes any ideas or suggestions you may have to help with the transition. Please don’t hesitate to contact her. She’s looking forward to letting everyone know about all the ways to get involved as soon as we establish a calendar for the months ahead! Let us make Rabbi Berkowitz feel right at home and in the process, let us create new bonds among us all.
Rabbi Berkowitz playing card game with Youth Group
Rabbi Berkowitz talking with upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah children and parents.

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