Hamantaschen Baking Day 2015

Submitted by Judy Rosenfeld
Sisterhood Hamantaschen Baking Day Chair

Every year we seem to have a new challenge for Hamantaschen Baking Day and this time it was definitely the weather. I want to thank everyone for understanding when we had to cancel our first baking day and start late on our snow date. Despite this, it was another very successful day. People came early to set up, stayed late to clean up and did a lot in between. Plates were made to send to our college students, for outreach to our congregants and for the temple staff. Tiny Temple and the religious school were able to join in too.

A special thank you to CJ Kelly and Kamil Wisniewski. Because of CJ instead of trays everywhere waiting to go in the oven or cooling, they were all neatly stacked in one place on a bakers rack she was able to borrow for us. Kamil was amazing in the kitchen. With six trays in the oven at a time, it’s very easy to get distracted, but he stayed focused the entire time and made sure that the hamantaschen didn’t burn. It’s not easy and he did an incredible job.

Our religious school kids had a great time making all the chocolate hamantaschen. Sunday school may have started an hour late because of the snow, but Joel Hoffman and Alan Kaflowitz made it work.
There were a lot of helpers who worked tirelessly to make delicious hamantaschen from all those batches of dough. It was a long day but the amazing volunteers who made dough and baked made it a fun one. A huge thank you to Laura Brundage, Andi Ciminello, Jen Dahnert, Melissa Erlebacher, Vivian Garber, Susan Karnes Hecht, Ronni Jarvis, Kristin Judd, Meredith and Haley Kaflowitz, Perla Kaufman, Muriel Lampell, Ann Lerman, Bunnie Levinson, Polly Lewis, Danah Moore, Amy Horn Oclatis, Robin, Zoe and Allison Peritz, Lisa-Sue Quackenbush, Shaari Roland, Lisa Rubinstein, Nancy Samson, Michelle Sinn, Roni Stein, Shira Teich, Melissa Wall, Zoe Weinstein, Kamil Wisniewski, Fern Wolf and Nadine Zaritsky. I’m sure I’m unintentionally omitting some names that weren’t on the sign-in sheet, but be assured I’m very grateful to them as well.
Judy Rosenfeld

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