Kitchen Refurbishment – Many Thanks!

By Laura Brundage

Take a peek at our newly rejuvenated kitchen! Thanks to the hours of hard work, planning and coordinating by Sisterhood Kitchen committee members Judy Rosenfeld and Roni Stein, who took this effort on with grace and style! The Temple kitchen is ready for simchas big and small! New counter-tops, cabinets, ceiling and updated wiring were important parts of this work. A special shout out of thanks also go to Alvin Rosen and Ron Rosen who helped guide the electrical work, the Men’s Club painters, and to some terrific kitchen helpers who helped move out and then re-organize ALL of the contents from the cabinets! Thank you to: Tom Frankel, Jen Dahnert, Perla Kaufman, Nadine Zaritsky, Kamil Wisniewski, Joe Stein, and the incredible support of the Vassar Temple family!

By Jennifer Sachs Dahnert

Many heartfelt thanks to the closet-Martha Stewarts and home improvement guys and gals who worked so hard over the summer to give Vassar Temple’s kitchen the most wonderful overhaul! If you haven’t yet been in it, it is a must-see! Particular thanks go to the Vassar Temple Sisterhood for providing the funding for this much-needed project and to the Kitchen Co-Chairs Roni Stein and Judy Rosenfeld for their vision and perseverance that made the project a reality. Our ever-faithful Men’s Club and House Committee pitched in with a fantastic paint-job before the cabinets and counters were installed and other advice and consulting along the way, and Alvin was amazing in his willing assistance on electrical hook-ups, mechanical issues and patience throughout. Thanks also to the members of the Vassar Temple Sisterhood, led by Laura Brundage and Danah Moore, who celebrated the completion of this project by throwing a Kitchen Shower at the Opening Dinner of the Sisterhood in September. This was a truly collective effort that has resulted in a tremendous enhancement to our Temple. Thank you everyone!

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