Lunchbox Reports – Over 100 Served!

The following Lunchbox report was prepared by Carolynn Frankel:

The VT Fifth Grade Sunday School class ran the Lunchbox program at the Family Partnership Center in the City of Poughkeepsie this past Sunday, February 2nd. Over 100 people, including some children, were fed through donations made by the Temple membership. Usually at the beginning of the month, the Lunchbox is not as busy, but this was not the case this week, and has not been the trend this past year. The Lunchbox itself was under-staffed this time, so our team was worked hard. It is more important than ever that our congregation continues to support and expands its contributions to this charity.

VT 5th Grade Class Cooking Up Meals for DC Needy.

VT 5th Grade Class Cooking Up Meals for DC Needy.

The VT team included Jack Barlow, Leah Barlow, Aidan Brown, Jeremy Frankel, Natalie Frankel, Gigi Goldfisher, Mariel Kelson, Sam Kelson, Rachel Krumholtz, Anna Metzger and Jordan Russo from the Fifth Grade, and parents Howie Brown, Carolynn Frankel, Julie Goldfisher, Marilyn, Joel Kelson, Pramila Krumholtz, Mark Metzger and Mark Russo.

While Pramila, Marilyn, Mark Russo, and Howie were manning the ovens and making the main dish, Mark Metzger was making the sides and the salads, Julie ran the front line, and Joel and Carolynn were floating around helping whichever team needed us. The kids were doing the bread, mixing the salad, plating the desserts, pouring the drinks, opening cans and handling the service. When things really got going Howie and Mark Russo joined Julie and the kids up front while Pramila, Carolynn, Mark Metzger, Marilyn and Joel kept the kitchen running.
Lunchbox Leaders 2-2-14

Without Linda Babbas and Marian Schwarz, we could not do this. They are dedicated behind the scenes with their support, advice, shopping, reminders, recipes and class lists. This is a true team effort.
Lunchbox Team 2-2-14

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