Sunday Morning and About to Run

The Bob’s are about to run for our plane but before we do I will squeeze in one more post with my cell phone about this mornings Plenary.

New HUC President is the “man of the hour” and even though he has a great sense of humor he is serious about the core. “Nothing is more important than teaching torah and the traditions.  The greatness of our movement is greatest when it fosters the teaching of Torah.”

We heard excitng points about the expansion of camps in Israel andnd a NFTY Presentation on Millenials. Their status is more based on what they do versus what they own. They want their actions to have meaning. The example was Duncan’s barmitzvah sermon in marriage inequality.  How marriage equality has changed over time. The reform movement is about leading a meaningful life – inspired engagement.  Being Jewish as a lifestyle.  We have to be exceptional educators and investing in them. We are encouraging more niche programs.  We have to reach out and tap the youth on the shoulder.

Rabbi Pesner talks about how parents and volunteers have get involved to promote inspired engagement.  This is a defining moment.  The NFTY movement is going to start at 6th grade, no requirement for dues before engagement, an open to children of any congregation.

This was followed by BB’s address – a highlight for sure! Please watch it on the 2013 Biennial Website.

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  1. Catherine Bokor

     /  December 15, 2013

    Dear Bob,
    I only had time today to read your reports, so I had the pleasure of following your (it seems) tiring but exhilarating journey all at once. Thanks for letting us be part of your conference.


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