You Can Be At the 2013 Biennial Too!

The “Bob’s” (Abrams and Ritter) are going to the 2013 URJ Biennial in San Diego this week 12/11 – 12/15 and we’re excited. This will be my first time, and honestly I’m a bit overwhelmed by all there is to do and experience. The Biennial agenda is impressive and covers an amazing spectrum. Since Bob and I can’t possibly do it all we’ll “divide and conquer” as they say. You can help, and join in the fun too! “What,” you say, “how can we participate if we’re not going? Here’s how …

Attend some of the activities “virtually” on-line – no travel hassles, no expense, from the comfort of your own computer! Here’s a link that will get you there.

Here’s What’s Happening at the 2013 URJ Biennial:

Exciting Speakers:
Holy cow, I can’t believe I’ll be in the same room with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, NY Times Food Editor Mark Bittman, Anat Hoffman, Rick Reilly, Ruth Calderon, Ilyse Hogue, Jay Feinberg, and many others. Leaders speaking to leaders and the entire Jewish community – YOU!

Interesting Sessions:
There are sessions on a wide variety of topics all led by today’s top practitioners, teachers and thinkers. What interests you?!

We’ll get to enjoy today’s top Jewish musicians. Too many to list – see what I mean. Check out the music of the Biennial performers with Jewish Rock Radio’s countdown show Dec 9th, 8:30 PM (re-broadcast Dec 10th, 8:30 PM)!

Kikar Biennial:
Kikar Biennial is the Biennial Town Square — a central meeting place and a main hub of activity for the Biennial. Hey, maybe I can get a “gluten free” beer! (Bob, we do get to have fun, right?! LOL)

Youth Engagement:
NOTHING is more important than engaging the young Jewish individuals who will lead us into the future! The Biennial has a vast array of opportunities to deepen and expand the work Vassar Temple is doing to engage the next generation. Check out the exciting opportunities. We are in good hands! We just want more of them. 🙂

2013 Proposed Resolutions:
The URJ Represents our Reform Jewish community on important subjects. There are four resolutions that will be voted on by our community. Below is a list and more information can be found on the official Biennial website. Check them out – where do you stand?

1. Resolution in Support of Paid Sick Days
2. Resolution on First Nations
3. Resolution on Hydraulic Fracturing
4. Resolution on the US-Cuba Embargo

Follow Us:
Follow our experience on the Vassar Temple’s Blog

So, as you can see, this is an amazing conference and you can understand why Bob Abrams and I are excited to be going! But truth be told, we’re going for Vassar Temple – we’re going for YOU! Vassar Temple, and Reform congregations around the world, are the future. It’s our duty, it’s our joy … join us!

Bob Ritter


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  1. There is nothing as exciting as a URJ convention. So well planned down to even minor details!!
    We will be there with you! I know both of you will bring back great ideas for VT. Please remember if you can (when you walk the halls) to bring back info about new Judaica artists.
    Thank you.
    Be safe and enjoy!


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