Dedication in Honor and Memory of Past President Seth Erlebacher

On a rainy and chilly Sunday afternoon, November 9, 2013, members of Vassar Temple walked out on a new section of the DC Rail Trail in order to remember Seth Erlebacher and to dedicate a bench in his honor donated by the Temple’s Men’s Club and Sisterhood. At this dedication Rabbi Golomb lead a brief but moving service. And Temple President Bob Abrams read these inspiring remarks:

“As we dedicate this bench in memory of Seth, let us take a moment to remember Seth for his …

Love for his family and friends
Love of Judaism
Love of Vassar Temple

Let’s recall Seth’s leadership …
The way he couraged young families to participate in Temple events.
The way he encouraged our volunteers to take roles in running Temple activities.
The way he engaged our students in Jewish activities before it became a URJ slogan (Campaign for Youth Engagement).
His focus on bringing technology to the temple, such as Visual T’filah.

Following Seth as temple president has been a sincere privilege.
I can’t count the number of times, when a challenge came up that I was trying to resolve, or when things just aren’t going well … I’d stop and ask myself “what would Seth have done?”

I’m sure that many of us have done the same.
We named our Religious School after Seth.
We embrace Seth’s family in our hearts.

This bench will continue to be a reminder of Seth’s memory, here to be seen by many of the walkers and bicyclists who will pass this area. It will allow us to stop, have a seat, enjoy the scenery, and recollect how Seth affected all of our lives.”


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