How Do You Honor A Man?

How do you honor a man? How do you honor the memory of a person who has passed away?  I believe you do so the moment you ask the question. The desire to honor them is an honor in itself!  The answer to the question is where it gets more tricky.

The answer of how to honor someone can be simple and find form in infinite ways. So when a good idea comes forward it can just be a matter of choice, action, and follow through. Such is the case with a recent effort that was seeded by the Vassar Temple Men’s Club.  

When Bob Abrams presented the idea of buying a bench on the Dutchess County Rail Trail in honor of past Temple President Seth A. Erlebacher the Men’s Club committee reached a decision to move forward without delay. The goal was clear, within reach, and a fine way to create a place where we could memorialize Seth.  

The call went out for donations thanks to the efforts of Men’s Club co-chairs Dave Wolf and Jeff Brenner. The Vassar Temple Sisterhood was asked to join the effort, and the goal was reached quickly.

Soon, on a new section of the Dutchess County Rail Trail, a bench with a plaque will be put in place. And once it is Vassar Temple will have an intimate dedication service.  We will honor Seth in this way.  

Honoring a person does not need to be expensive. It doesn’t require much money and it needn’t be fancy. It is the act of honoring someone that is the honor in itself.  When we recall a person with the desire to say their name and pay respect, we honor them and their family.  

So if you happen to be on the Rail Trail in the future and come by Seth’s bench, please take a moment to recall a memory of Seth. By doing so you are helping us to answer the question of how do we honor the man. 

Note: An announcement of the dedication service for Seth’s bench is forthcoming. 

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