A Visit to Camp Eisner

I had the great pleasure this morning of stopping by Camp Eisner. I drove up to visit three of our Vassar Temple teens who are there this summer, two as campers and one on staff.

YismchuI arrived in time for outdoor worship services that were so engaging that more than once participants leapt to their feet in jubilation. If Shabbat is a celebration, Eisner is the place to celebrate it.

Schmoozing  at Camp Eisner

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman with Vassar Temple teens Brianna E., Rachel E., and Rachel M., at Camp Eisner. Photo by Artur Aronov.

Both old friends and new acquaintances welcomed me warmly, one of them graciously offering to take me around camp.

The facility itself looks better than ever. The majestic old buildings continue to be restored and re-purposed, their charm preserving the past even as their function promises the future: a beautifully equipped ceramics workshop, a sparkling sports facility and training center, a modern music studio, even, I’m told, a working darkroom.

After lunch I sat with Brianna E., Rachel M., and Rachel E., who joyously relived what they’d experienced and eagerly anticipated what was yet to come: programs, friends, theater, food, trips, dances, music, Shabbat, and sacred community.

I know how much energy and money it takes to create a place like Eisner. It’s a joy to see the unparalleled results.

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  1. Wendy Marcus

     /  July 11, 2012

    Rachel loves Camp Eisner as I did when I went there years ago. It’s a wonderful experience.


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