Before we get there … Preparing for the Biennial

I’m looking forward to attending the Biennial at the Gaylord Conference Center in the National Harbor area just south of Washington D.C.  (The area is across the Potomac River from Alexandria, VA.)  In addition to the great speakers listed at, there are numerous forums and learning sessions to select from prior to even getting to the Gaylord, resulting in a personalized schedule.

The sessions focus on many areas, like Congregation management, Leadership Development and Membership & Outreach … just to name a few.  In my first pass, I found so many interesting topics that I had 4- to 8-way ties for many of the Learning Session slots!  I finally whittled the list down to a primary and secondary session for each slot.  I’m sure that some of Seth’s selections are similar, and others reflect his specific interests as well, so we’ll be able to ensure that we cover as many different topics as possible.  A special highlight of the Biennial two years ago was the continuous entertainment offered by numerous Jewish musicians … I’m looking forward to hearing many of the musicians again (see for a list of featured musicians).

I hope that additional people from Vassar Temple attend future Biennials so that we can cover even more informational presentations and discussion topics among us, as well as benefit from the overall program!


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  1. raisinron

     /  December 12, 2011

    :Now you and Seth have a great time in DC this week! I’m hoping you guys will bring back lots of ideas!


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