7 Days, 5,000 Jews

This evening I joined about 40 of our fellow congregants in our sanctuary.  Together we sang L’Cha Dodi, chanted the Bar’chu, Shema, and the other prayers as we welcomed Shabbat.  Following services, we made Kiddush and shared in an oneg Shabbat before heading home or to a local restaurant for dinner.

1 week from tonight I will be doing the same thing, just in a different venue.  Bob Abrams and I will be just outside of Washington DC at the URJ Biennial.  On Friday evening, we will join 5,000 other Reform Jews from around North America and welcome Shabbat.  We will chant the same prayers as we did tonight.  Will the feeling be different?  I’m sure it will.  I have attended biennial in the past, and it is extremely moving to share Shabbat with so many people.  Following services, Bob and I will join others at biennial for Shabbat dinner.  We will make Kiddush and then share dinner together (all 5,000 of us).

Watch for my updates from biennial throughout the week.

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  1. Bob Ritter

     /  December 17, 2011

    How can we thank you Seth? So many hearts are looking for a way.


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