Restroom Renovations

Our restrooms are currently undergoing renovations.  Here are a couple pictures of the ongoing work.  The entire cost for all the work is being donated by our wonderful sisterhood.  Thank you to all the members of sisterhood for their donation.

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  1. Sandra Mamis

     /  December 1, 2011

    As the bathroom renovation coordinator, I want to assure the sisterhood members that their requests and concerns were seriously considered as decision making was underway.

    The remodeled rooms should not only look more welcoming, but provide upgrades that improve utilization. Cost containment efforts will respect the financial investments of VTS supporters. If you are not a member of this fine auxiliary, please consider joining.
    Oh yes, we are upgrading the men’s room as well [ a handmade cloth valence will be included in their window treatment] even though I am assured they won’t notice!

  2. Lisa-Sue Quackenbush

     /  December 1, 2011

    this is truly an exciting venture and we appreciate everyone’s patience during construction. please know that there will always be one bathroom available for use during construction and that particular bathroom ( which may change daily) will be clearly noted for use by sinage on the door. looking for ideas to celebrate completion…… while a party in the bathroom and ribbon (toilet paper) cutting may not be the most appropriate means of dedication and celebration….i am open to suggestions!

  3. Roni Stein

     /  December 2, 2011

    Absolutely, we should have a toilet paper cutting and a party of sorts outside the restrooms (with tours?). When we attended a performance at the Bardavon after the restroom renovations, Chris Silva got a huge round of applause from every female in the audience!! This is a long time coming and thanks to Sandra Mamis for making it happen, and GO VTS!!!

  4. Sandra Mamis

     /  December 2, 2011

    Aw shucks! Thanks Roni. I sure do hope you like it when it is done….. and that the purple lanterns and cloth covered seats aren’t too much…..

    Maybe a free roll of toilet paper for the first 100 visitors!


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